School Counseling

Make a Difference with Every Student, Every Day!

A Message to Parents and Students:
At Edgewood Intermediate, all students are assigned a counselor based on grade level. Counselors are confidential listeners who can help students and families in many different ways.
How Does a Student See a Counselor?
If a student would like to see a counselor, they are encourage to complete a counselor request form. The form is available online and can be accessed using any device. Students can also request a pass from their teacher to come see the counselor. Unless the student has an urgent need to see a counselor, the teacher may recommend a specific time for the student to leave class, so that the student does not miss too much important academic information.  Students will be seen immediately when possible; if a student is in crisis, they will be seen immediately.
How Does a Parent/Guardian See a Counselor?
Parents and guardians are welcome to meet with counselors and are asked to make appointments in advance, to ensure that the counselor will be available.  You may call or email a counselor to set-up a meeting. Parents can also use the counselor request form.
Why Would a Student See a Counselor?

A.   Academic/Educational Counseling – Students sometimes have academic problems in areas including study habits, expectations, time management, organizational skills, and the level of the curriculum.  A counselor may assist students in exploring solutions to these and other academic problems.

B.    Personal/Social Counseling – A counselor may assist students to develop skills to interact more effectively with others, identify personal values, talents and interests and transition into and out of middle school. The counselor will also provide support and assistance to students and families in crisis and can provide referrals to outside agencies for more extensive assistance including counseling, evaluations or treatment.

C.  Career/Vocational Counseling – A middle school counselor may assist students in the early stages of career exploration.

2019-2020 Counselor Assignments

Mrs. Kyle McClarnon                                                       Mrs. Sarah Ready

6th Grade Last Name A-M                                            6th Grade Last Name N-Z

All 8th Grade                                                                        All 7th Grade

317-803-8108                                                                    317-803-8109                                   

School Counselors are confidential listeners who can help students and families with many different things.