Bullying Information

Bullying is something that all schools are dealing with today. In an effort to help intervene and decrease bullying, FTMSW is going to have all students complete a Bullying Education Program during PRIDE. All students will participate unless a parent or guardian indicated in writing that they do not want their child to participate. We hope all students and parents will find this program helpful. The bullying education is adapted from from numerous website on Bullying Prevention and Awareness.

In addition, we want to make sure that all students have a means to report bullying so it can be addressed properly by all the staff at FTMSW. Below we have provided two forms for use for students with incidents involving bullying. Students should report bullying to their counselor by filling out the Bully Problem Report forms and placing them in the Guidance Bully Referral box.  Any questions about this program should be directed to the Guidance staff.

Bully Problem Report Fillable

Bully Problem Solver Worksheet Fillable