Academic Success


MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to instill in all students a passion for lifelong learning and to inspire each one to contribute as a responsible citizen to the future of our interconnected world.

We believe:

  • All individuals can succeed.
  • All individuals can learn.
  • All individuals are valued.

VISION STATEMENT: FTCSC students are prepared for life’s possibilities.


At FTCSC we believe that…

  • All people have inherent worth and bring unique gifts and talents to our community.
  • All people with a passion for learning who accept responsibility for their choices improve the quality of life.
  • Our community’s strengths lie in the foundation provided by families and our willingness to embrace diversity.
  • Consistently engaging in honest communication creates an informed trusting community in which education thrives.


Franklin Township District Goal: Make Franklin Township one of the TOP TEN school corporations in the state!

Middle School West 2015-2016 Goals:

  1. Achieve a 90% passing rate in English and Math on ISTEP+
  2. Achieve a 33% Pass+ rate in English and Math on ISTEP+
  3. Get 90% of our students passing all classes with a C or higher
  4. Achieve the Indiana Gold Star Award for School Counseling
  5. Integrate the Positive Behavior Intervention System into the culture at West
  6. Develop our Student Success Skills program to assist students with building non-academic skills
  7. Decrease the number of behavior referrals by 10% from the prior school year
  8. Improve the Professional Learning Communities program for teachers to see instructional growth in the areas of technology implementation, Madeline Hunter lesson development, cross-subject literacy implementation, and personal innovation and growth.


Individual grade cards are distributed each nine-week period. The card reports remarks by the teacher, absences and tardies, as well as a semester grade at the end of each of two nine-week periods. Grades are given by the teacher as follows:

  • The grade “A” represents work of definitely superior quality. It is definitely the honor grade.
  • The grade “B” represents work of excellent quality clearly above the average.
  • The grade “C” represents work of average quality.
  • The grade “D” represents work which is clearly below the average but above failure.
  • The grade “F” represents work which is not of an acceptable quality.

School Data

Edgewood Intermediate School West 2014-2015 ISTEP Data

On the 2014-2015 ISTEP+, Edgewood Intermediate School West maintained its performance levels well above the state average in all areas. Schools across the state saw a drop in scores due to the new ISTEP+ test and the newer, more rigorous state standards. This drop occurred at West as well, but we pride ourselves in maintaining our performance relative to other schools in the state.

To continue to prepare our students for the more rigorous standards and changing test environment, Edgewood Intermediate School West will focus on the following strategies:

  • Providing a rigorous and engaging environment in all classes
  • Providing targeted remediation during our PRIDE time
  • Utilizing teacher Professional Learning Communities to promote teacher creativity, collaboration, and data based decision making
  • Increasing literacy instruction in all subjects
  • Increasing the technological resources available and improving their integration into the curriculum
  • Regularly analyzing our curriculum to ensure that it is engaging and appropriately challenging to students, and aligned to state standards.